Man Arrested After Officer Finds Him Passed Out In Front of Sheriff’s Office

A Summerville man was arrested at 3 AM on Sunday morning after Summerville Police Officers observed him passed out in his vehicle in front of the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office on West Washington Street.

Officers say that forty-year-old Jeremy Max Treadaway was inside his vehicle with three open containers of alcohol, including a bottle of vodka.

Treadaway told the officers that he was at the jail to pick up his wife, forty-one-year-old Amy Elizabeth Treadaway who had been arrested on a DUI charge earlier that night.   Chattooga County Deputies told Summerville Police that Mr. Treadaway was a passenger in his wife’s vehicle at the time of her DUI stop and had been instructed to go home and remain there until he was sober.

Mr. Treadaway was charged with public intoxication and open container of alcohol.