DUI Arrest Made on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday ended in an arrest for a Chattooga County woman, after a concerned motorist notified Officers of a possible impaired driver.

While sitting at First National Bank, Officers were notified by a passing motorist of a possible impaired driver that been traveling down Highway 114. The concerned motorist stated that they had been behind a red Mustang on Highway 114 that was “all over the roadway”, and braking excessively. The Mustang had been observed pulling into the Ingles parking lot.

Officers spotted the vehicle leaving the parking lot, and after following for a short distance observed what had been reported as true. The driver of the Mustang struck the center line several times, and was breaking excessively. A traffic stop showed the driver to be Paulette Kilgore. Kilgore stated her license had fallen into the floor, and she was unable to retrieve them. Officers noted several signs of impairment, and Kilgore admitted that she had been drinking an hour prior.

After agreeing to, and failing the Alco Sensor test, Officers arrested Paulette Kilgore for DUI and transported her to the Chattooga County jail without further incident.