Domestic Dispute Leads to Arrest

A reported domestic dispute between a grandparent and granddaughter lead to the arrest of the granddaughter for possession of methamphetamine and a probation warrant.

Last Friday, Summerville Police Officers responded to a call of a domestic dispute, where they met with Kim Hodges, who reported that her granddaughter, Emily Hale and she had been arguing. Hodges stated that Hale had yelled and her and that she does so all the time. Hodges wanted Hale to leave the residence and not return.

Officers went inside and spoke with Hale who admitted that she had yelled at her grandmother, but that it was only verbal and had not gotten physical. Hale agreed to leave the residence once Officers expressed Hodges wishes. Speaking again with Kim Hodges, she stated that Emily Hale had been using methamphetamine and that Hale was wanted on a probation warrant charge. A quick check showed that Hale was indeed wanted on a probation warrant.

When Hale was taken into custody at the residence for the probation warrant, Officers asked if she had any weapons on her person, to which she raised her shirt to show no weapons in her pockets. However the outline of a butane lighter was in the front pocket, and when Hale removed the lighter, Officers could see the outline of something else in the watch pocket of her jeans. A small baggie of suspected methamphetamine was discovered in the pocket. Emily Hale was then transported to the Chattooga County Jail where she was booked for possession of methamphetamine and a probation warrant.