Caution Urged On Lake Weiss

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency wants to remind everyone the importance of being very cautious while frequenting Weiss Lake over the next several weeks. Due to the flooding conditions Weiss Lake has many hazards present. Some you can see and some you can’t.
Floating debris is an example of some of the hazards that you can see but there is debris that’s floating just under the water surface that your can’t see. Cherokee Electric has disconnected power to several areas around the lake due to the electrocution hazard that is present.
THE EMA Office reminds you to stay out of the flood waters as most of these hazards are extremely dangerous and life threatening. During this time it doesn’t matter how well you know the waters.
As always, if you find yourself needing help or in a dangerous situation dial 911.
Lake Conditions Message

Weiss Lake will peak near elevation 568.5 on Friday April 2 and back to normal level by April 9. Spill gates are open. APC will provide periodic lake level updates here. Individuals with boats and water-related equipment and facilities should be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect their property.

The picture attached is in the area of Cowan Creek Bridge (Old Pruitt’s Restaurant) on County Rd 22.