Alabama Sheriff Shaver Warns of Scammers Claiming to Be Sheriff’s Employees

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver reports that scammers are calling local residents claiming to be sheriff’s office employees.

Sheriff Shaver informed WEIS Radio on Tuesday that someone is calling claiming to work for the sheriff’s office stating there is a warrant for the intended target and asking you to go to the store and buy a Visa Gift/Debit card and asking you to come put the money on an inmate’s books on the Kiosk that is located in the sheriff offices lobby.

This same type scam has also been occurring in DeKalb County where Sheriff Nick Welden said that these people are referencing local Judges and District Attorneys.

Circuit Judge Jeremy Taylor released a statement last week saying that scammers were calling purporting to be employees of his office and telling intended victims that there is a warrant for that person’s arrest for failing to appear either as a witness or as a party in a court case. The caller tells the person not to hang up or they would be arrested. They then ask for money. Judge Taylor responded by saying “This would NEVER happen.”

Should you receive any of these phone calls please report it to your local authorities or the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office at 256-927-3365.