DUI Arrest Made

Leaving her vehicle parked in the roadway lead to the arrest of one Chattooga County woman last week.

Last Friday, Deputies responded to the area of Scoggins Trail and Lake Wanda Rita Road in Summerville, Ga., regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the roadway.
Upon arrival, Deputies observed a Nissan Altima with it’s hazard lights blinking. Vehicle skid marks were observed
approximately 55 paced steps on Scoggins Trail heading north and continued across Lake Wanda Rita Road leading to the rear tires of the vehicle. The vehicle appeared to have slid off the shoulder of the road and into a mud area of the bank.
A person, identified as Shelly Laney approached walking on the roadway with a swaying motion about her gait. She stated she was driving the vehicle and the vehicle had defective tires causing her to slide at the stop sign. She stated she was traveling to her dad’s residence in Trion, Ga., however her dad lives on Old Highway 337 located in Menlo, Ga., and when questioned why she was traveling this route, she stated her uncle who owned the vehicle lives in Trion, Ga., and that’s where she was going.

During this statement, It was apparent Laney was confused and disoriented. She denied consuming alcohol or taking medications, however she failed a Field Sobriety test. Consent was given to search the vehicle and two sipped bags were found in a handbag. One bag contained a glass cylinder device with a substance that was suspected to be methamphetamine. The second bag contained a round glass tube with capsules marked “150 PGBN”. A container in this bag also held 30 additional capsules bearing the same marking.

Laney stated the items were hers. Shelly Laney was placed into custody, read implied consent and agreed to the testing of her blood. Later S. Laney retracted her consent and refused testing under the Implied Consent. Her mother and father arrived on scene with wrecker and took possession of the vehicle.  Laney was transported to the Chattooga County Detention Center without further incident.