Convenience Store Robbery

A convenience store on Hwy 48 reported a break-in last Thursday.

According to Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies, a report was made last Thursday regarding a break-in at the store. Arriving at the scene, Deputies observed a broken door, with the glass knocked out and a blue towel or blanket was lying across the bottom of the door frame. Melissa Bishop, an employee who was there to open the store and reported the incident, told Deputies that at first glance nothing seemed to have been taken.

Security camera footage was available and it showed that at about 0100 hours a white male subject in shorts and flip flops, broke out the glass, laid down the blue blanket/towel and crawled across it to gain access. The subject went behind the counter near the cash register and appeared to search for something. The subject exited 2 minutes later.

The case has been turned over to investigators.