Car Comes Back Missing Catalytic Convertor / Sensors After Being Repaired

After being repaired, a Chattooga County womans’ car came back missing its’ catalytic convertor and oxygen sensors.

Last Saturday Chattooga County Deputies escorted two men to Gilreath Mill Road, Cloudland to inquire about retrieving a vehicle that was being worked on at a residence.

The vehicle, a Chevy Equinox, was being worked on by William Jones who had promised to have the vehicle completed in 3 hours but after 48 hours it was still not completed. Upon arriving, Jones was found to be working on the vehicle but promised to be done within 10 minutes so Deputies left.

A later call came in stating that the vehicle was not finished in 10 minutes, it actually took several hours later, and when picked up the Chevy broke down just several miles down the road. Arriving at the broken down vehicle, the owner started the SUV for Deputies to demonstrate the new, loud noise it was making. It did not make this noise prior to being repaired. Inspection by the Deputies discovered that the Catalytic convertor had been taken off, as well as oxygen sensors. The convertor had been replaced with a mesh type material that vented the exhaust straight out under the car, instead of out of the back.

Deputies went back to speak with Jones who stated he had no knowledge of what had happened to the car and he was not a thief. He invited Deputies to look around but they declined due to the state of the yard with several disabled cars. Deputies did search the immediate area where the SUV had previously been but did not find anything conclusive. Jones was the only individual in possession of the Chevy when the parts were removed.