Fight At Local Restaurant Leads to Arrests

Two Summerville residents were arrested following a physical altercation at Jeffersons in Summerville.

On Tuesday, dispatchers received a call about a fight at Jeffersons in Summerville. When Officers arrived they were informed that the suspects were attempting to leave in a Jeep. Officers were able to stop the Jeep on East Washington Street, where they met with occupants.

The passenger, Robert Moore, Jr. stated that he had been in a physical altercation inside the resturant. As he had been drinking, he could not remember exactly what had happened, but that he did approach two other males and he did place his hands on one. Witnesses all corroborated that Moore, Jr. had indeed started the altercation. Camera footage review backed this up and also showed both Robert Moore, Jr. and his son, Robert Moore, III to be drinking prior to the fight.

Moore, Jr. was visibly intoxicated and was placed under arrest for public intoxication as well as disorderly conduct. Moore, III was taken into custody and charged with a DUI. Both father and son were taken to the Chattooga County Jail withouth further incident.