Alabama Officer Arrested in Summerville

On Tuesday two people were arrested following a physical altercation at Jefferson’s in Summerville.

According to reports from the Chattooga County Sheriff Office and the Summerville Police department reports, one of the persons arrested is a police officer in Alabama.

When Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies arrived on scene they discovered Summerville Officers attempted to stop a white Jeep attempting to leave the area via East Washington Street. Once the Jeep came to a stop Law Enforcement approached the driver side window, where they detected a strong presence of alcohol. Visible to law enforcement were 3 open containers of Coors Light on the center console, and a box sharing the same name on the passenger floorboard.

The Driver, Robert Moore III stated that he was attempting to get his passenger, Robert Moore, JR, out of there as they had just been involved in a physical altercation inside Jefferson’s.  Moore, III stated that he was an officer in Alabama and produced an ID for Cleburne County Police Department, though he now works for Wadley Police Department.

Moore III was placed under arrest for a DUI and violation of the open container law.