Underage Consumption Leads to Arrest of Adults

A teen and two adults were arrested Sunday night after a vehicle accident lead to the discovery of underage consumption.On February 7th, Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched Oak Hill Road concerning a single vehicle accident. At the scene Deputies spoke with Alexis Snowden who stated that she had been to pick up William Hughes because he had been drinking. When exiting the driveway some deer crossed there path causing Ms. Snowden to swerve, hitting a ditch and causing the vehicle to roll over. After coming to a stop on its tires Ms. Snowden drove the vehicle back into her driveway and called in the accident.

Officers went into the residence to speak with the other occupants of the vehicle were a underage male was . observed. The male was visibly intoxicated and Mr. Hughes and Nathan Rosser, admitted to giving the male alcoholic drinks. An Alco-Sensor test revealed the underage male to have a BAC of .132.

All 3 males were placed under arrest and transported to the Chattooga County Jail.