Stolen Money Reported to Sheriff’s Office

A Chattooga County resident reported to the Sheriffs office that $700 has been taken, but he has no memory as to how.

On Valentines Day, Mr. Christopher White reported that he had a friend over at his house the night prior. The friend, Mr. Jason Rutledge had left to go pick up another friend, Ms. Melissa Brock. Rutledge and Brock arrived back at Christopher Whites house, and after this White has no recollection.

When White awoke the next morning, Jason Rutledge had left, but Melissa Brock was still at the residence. After taking Brock home, White discovered a bag belonging to Brock that had a white substance in the bottom of it. It was then that White discovered he was missing $700 in cash and a set of Dewalt Headphones valued at $50.

This case is still active.