Potential Candidates for Chattooga Public Works Narrowed to 5

The list of potential candidates for the Public Works Director position has been shortened and a decision on this will be made in about 2 weeks.

Commissioner Elsberry and his appointed committee have narrowed the list of applicants from 16 to 5. The committee, made up of Commissioner Elsberry, Martha Tucker, Fran Hamilton, and Jack Ledford choose the final candidates. From the original, all male list the final five are :

Joe Reed

Sidney Swords

Timothy Brunson

Christopher Bowman

Yancey Robinson.

Joe Reed is the current Public Works Director. He first held the position under former Commissioner Jim Parker from 1989-2005. Reed then came back to the position under former Commissioner Jason Winters in 2013. Sid Swords is a long time City Superintendent with the City of Menlo, while Yancey Robinson is a current Public Works employee. Both Timothy Brunson and Christopher Bowman work outside the county currently in management positions.

The final decision will be made an upcoming public meeting on February 19th at 9 a.m.