Homeless Woman Charged With Starting Fires

A local homeless woman has been charged with starting two fires recently, in the City of LaFayette.
On Tuesday afternoon, witnesses say 23 year old Cherity Farmer started a fire in the area of Villanow and Mize… which was doused by the LaFayette Fire Department.  She was charged with an illegal burn.
Last Friday, burned items were found at the scene of a water main leak outside the Walker County Welcome Center, across the street from the Marsh House on North Main.
The report says workers repairing the leak discovered that an underground box had been removed, and a fire had melted the water pipe on the customer-side of the line.  Burned clothing, a Bible with torn and burned pages and a can with burn marks were all noted at the scene by the investigating officer.   Walker County owns the building.
In that investigation, Farmer was charged by LaFayette Police with 3rd degree arson.