Hikers Rescued

The Trion Fire Department got an early start on Monday morning when they were called out to rescue some hikers that were lost near the Narrows on Taylor Ridge.

According to Captain Lowe, the 3 hikers are from Lawrenceville Ga. They are attending college in Dahlonega and they wanted to do something “spooky”. The trio had heard about Corpse Wood and decided to come hike the area.

Not being familiar with the area, the hikers got turned around and ended up on the steep ridge.
After finally being able to get a call out to 911, the Trion Fire Department arrived on scene. The fireman could see the light from the hikers and were able to locate and assist them off the ridge and back to the roadway, where they were turned over to the Chattooga County Sheriffs Office.
The hikers were 2 males, ages 19 and 21 and one female, aged 20. No injuries were reported.