Counterfeit Bills Passed At A Local Gas Station

On Sunday Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies responded to a call about counterfeit money being passed at a local gas station.

On January 31st, 2021 Deputies were  dispatched to 13900 Highway 27 (Shell in the hole) gas station in Trion, GA in reference to fraud.

Upon arriving Deputies spoke with a Mr. Rahim Amin the owner of the store where he advised that between the hours of 01:00 and 05:00 a  male subject came into the store several different times and exchanged four fake 100 dollar bills. The clerk at the time of the incident was Serena Rose and she advised that a male was playing the video games at the back of the store, and had went in and out of the store multiple times. The suspect then passed four fake $100 when Serena Rose admitted to being new and not able to spot the difference of the bills.
Deputies asked Mr. Amin if he had video of the subject where he advised that he did. When Deputies watched the video the suspect was easily identifiable as they had interacted with the suspect the week prior.

The male subject was identified as Justin Adams and Deputies took videos and pictures. Ms. Rose advised that the suspect drove a black four door car that was wrecked in the front and rear end.

Mr. Amin was advised that officers knew the address of the suspect and a warrant would be issued for  his arrest.