Commissioner To Hold Media Meetings On Tuesdays

Chattooga County Commissioner Blake Elsberry announced that he will be holding meetings with the media only on Tuesdays, going forward.

Commissioner Elsberry said due to a busy schedule he will hold meetings with the media on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. According to the commissioner, this is to make his schedule efficient and to make sure that everyone is getting the same information.

Below is the email:

As you may know it is an extremely busy time right now. So to make sure my schedule stays efficient, and that everyone receives the same information, I am scheduling a 10 a.m. time slot on every Tuesday for media to come by for updates and I will answer any questions at this time. Of course you can still contact me if you need to follow up on something throughout the week. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and I look forward to seeing you Tuesday.