Chattooga Public Works Director is Announced

In a meeting held yesterday morning, Commissioner Elsberry announced that the panel had selected Yancey Robinson as the new Public Works Director. Robinson will replace current Director Joe Reed.

Robinson, who has been an employee of Public Works for 23 years, was selected in part due to his good ideas per Commissioner Elsberry. Elsberry stated that he felt that Robinson would “be a good benefit for the department and the county.”

Yancey Robinson will start as soon as possible per Commissioner Elsberry. Elsberry was hoping to meet with Robinson yesterday afternoon to go over the job duties and start date. The Commissioner said that “the way they had to do this (select a new Director) legally was not optimal for me, I would have liked to have talked to each one personally. But because we did the panel, I had to wait 14 days and was not able to contact anyone before hand.” Elsberry stated that he will call everyone after this.

While Joe Reed, the long time Public Works Director, is ousted from his position he will be offered an hourly position, although whether or not he will accept it has not been decided yet. In speaking with Reed yesterday, he stated that at the time of the meeting, Commissioner Elsberry had not yet met with him to discuss the potential hourly position or the transition from Reed to Robinson.

In addition to no certain start date for Robinson, Commissioner Elsberry also hasn’t released the starting salary for the new Public Works Director. Current Director Joe Reed, will be leaving behind a roughly $70,000 per year salary.