Agreement Gone Wrong Leaves Man Charged With Theft

An agreement gone wrong has resulted in a charge of theft by conversion for a local former business owner.

This week Charles Owens reported to Summerville Police Officers that his car, which was being stored at Ike Henderson’s shop was now missing. Mr. Owens had last seen the car on January 22nd, when after returning from a 6 month stay at Paulding Probation Detention Center. Prior to his sentence Owens and Henderson had agreed to let the car stay at the shop, however on the 22nd when Owens called Henderson about the car, Henderson threatened to shot him if Owens did not get off of his property. Between the 22nd and January 28th, the car was taken from the shop.

Further investigation revealed that Mr. Ike Henderson had sold the car for $1,000 to Mr. Steve Morrison. The car was towed by Gills Towing from Henderson’s shop to Morrison’s. Mr. Morrison stated that he had purchased the car from Mr. Henderson on January 27th and that he planned to crush the car. He also stated the Mr. Henderson had refused to give a bill of sale.

Officers arranged for Mr. Owens to pickup the vehicle from Mr. Morrison. A warrant was issued for Mr. Henderson. The case is still active.