Search Narrows for Hit and Run Vehicle; Information Still Being Sought

The type of vehicle involved in the hit and run on January 4th has been narrowed down due to further research.

The accident, which killed an Alabama man while walking down Hwy 48, has been slow in progress. The evidence at first consisted of a broken off side mirror, which investigators initially thought may have came from a 2007-2009 Ford or Lincoln SUV. More research has determined that the mirror came from a 2007-2010 Lincoln SUV. The vehicle in question is likely still missing a side mirror and will have body damage to the passenger side.

The Sheriffs office is still waiting on trace evidence from the GBI lab to further narrow down the search.

Anyone with any information on the accident, which took the life of Mark Snay on January 4th is asked to call Sheriff Schrader at 678-767-3175 or Investigator Burrage at 706-506-7249. The accident occurred near East Peach Orchard Rd and Hwy 48.