SCAM Letter Circulating

The Trion Chief of Police, Chief Gilliland has alerted the citizens to a new mail scam.


According to Chief Gilliland, a mail scam is circulating around Trion right now. The scam includes a letter that is sent to people asking them to do a “secret shopper” style program. The letter asks the person to cash an accompanied check that is in the amount of $2,940. The person is told to keep $540 from the check as their payment and then to take the remaining $2400 to Walmart.

The rest of the check is to be spent very specifically on several Kroger gift cards in the amount $400 each. The “secret shopper” is told to record the cleanliness of the store, the cashiers name and demeanor, the availability of the items wanted, etc.

Although the letter and check come certified, it is indeed fraudulent. If you receive either the letter or the check from the MSPA Agency, please contact the Trion Police Department right away at 706-734-3665.