Missing Car and Missing Person(s)

On Wednesday January 20th, the Summerville Police Department responded to a report of a missing car and a missing person(s).

Per police reports on January 19th, Dominique Adams took a 2007 Blue Dodge Caliber SUV that belonged to her sister Xageria Adams without asking or permission. She supposedly took the vehicle to pick up her school aged son from the Sylvan School in Floyd County off of Turner McCall Blvd. Her son was picked up from school on January 19th, 2021, but neither Dominique nor her son have been heard from since.

The family has made multiple calls to Dominique Adams, but none have been answered. They have also checked all known locations and they have not been spotted. Despite not wanting to initially press charges, the vehicle owner, Xageria decided to press charges for theft by taking.

A multi county BOLO for the vehicle has been sent out..