Mailbox Theft Before Christmas

While a Chattooga County resident was trying to spread Christmas cheer, an Ebenezer Scrooge was stealing it.

Just a few days prior to Christmas, Chattooga County resident, Ricky Veatch, called the Sheriffs office to report a theft from his mailbox. Mr. Veatch had left a gift hanging on the flag of his mailbox that was intended for his local mail carrier. Some time later, Mr. Veatch noticed the gift bag was gone, but that the flag was still up on the mailbox indicating that the mail had not yet ran. Calling the local mail carrier confirmed Mr. Veatchs’ suspicion that indeed the mail was not yet delivered and that the bag had been stolen. Also discovered missing from the mailbox were several checks to have been sent along with several Christmas cards.

Officers advised Mr. Veatch to contact his bank to stop payment on his checks.