Car Listed Stolen After Bank Account of Buyer Frozen

Last week Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies responded to a call about a 2015 Dodge Challenger being reported as stolen.

On Friday January 15th, 2021 Deputies spoke with Stephen Cordell about a theft. Mr. Cordell advised that he decided to sell his vehicle and found a buyer. Mr. Cordell had called his bank to make sure payment was made and it was all paid off before he released the car to the subject. The Bank confirmed that the transaction was complete and mailed the title free and clear to Mr. Cordell. Mr. Cordell then signed the title and mailed it to the offender. Mr. Cordell then received a letter in the mail from the bank advising that he still owed $30,239.24 and that the account of the buyer was frozen. The bank advised Mr. Cordell that he need to report the vehicle stolen.

The vehicle has been entered into GCIC and the case turned over to investigations.