Broken Taillight Leads to Arrest of Two Men

A broken taillight on a vehicle leads to an arrest on New Years Eve for one Chattooga County man.

While on patrol on New Years Eve, Deputy Robinson pulled over a GMC truck for a broken taillight and while asking for the drivers information noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Deputy Robinson had the driver, Samuel Dempsey, pull up the road and into the parking lot of Mason Funeral Home. While questioning Mr. Dempsey about the smell of marijuana, a passenger in the vehicle admitted that he did have some marijuana on him.

A consent search of all three occupants revealed a clear bag of a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the passengers’, who turned out to be a Mr. Jerry Maness, front pocket. A further search of the vehicle produced a camouflaged backpack in the back floorboard, which contained  six blue card board containers labeled Premium Sauce Cart. These card board containers had glass vials with suspected THC oil inside them. Additionally there were three blue card board containers labeled Moonrock Clear containing glass vials with suspected THC oil inside them, and two blue cardboard containers labeled Friendly Farms with glass vials containing suspected THC oil inside them.
Mr. Maness admitted to Deputy Robinson that the backpack and contents belonged to him. Maness also admitted that the vials were indeed THC Oil. At this point Jerry Maness was placed under arrest for possession of THC Oil and transported to the county jail. Mr. Samuel Dempsey was issued a citation for a broken taillight and no tag.