Break In on Old Highway 337

On January 25th, Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies responded to a call of a burglary on Old Highway 337.


When arriving on scene the Deputies cleared the residents and the woods around the house.  Speaking with Brandi Pickle, the home owner stated that when she got home she noticed an outside light had went out when she pulled up and she called a friend who went over to the residence and she stated that it sounded like someone went out the front door and ran into the woods. She went to unlock the back door and it just pushed open. When clearing the house the front door was open, there was some cabinets open in the bathroom and also some drawers open on a cabinet in the basement. Brandi had not noticed anything missing at this time. Pictures was taken of the back door where it looked like someone may have stuck something through the door to gain access into the home. Also the door seal was torn and the strike plate looked freshly scratched. Brandi has an active TPO on a male named Larry Christopher Blanks and she believes that he may be the one inside the home at the time.
This case is still active.