Accidental Phone Call Leads To Arrest of Two Persons

An accidental phone call lead to the arrest of a Chattooga County Man late last week for drugs.

On January 7th, an open line phone call came into the Chattooga County E-911 center. Dispatchers could hear a male and female talking in the background about a very interesting subject. Dispatchers heard the female voice advising the male voice that he needed to put the pills in a pill bottle in case he was pulled over by law enforcement. While en route dispatchers advised that they could hear a car starting up. Officers arrived just as a black Honda sedan was leaving the residence. They pulled over the vehicle and spoke with the driver, identified as Casey Carlton, and asked for his license. Mr. Carlton advised that his license were suspended and he did not have them. A passenger, Randall Brock, was fidgeting around and was asked to step out of the vehicle.

After speaking with Mr. Brock he advised officers that he had some weed in his pocket and also had his mothers pills for safe keeping. Officers advised Mr. Brock that he could not have anyone elses pills that were not prescribed to him. Officers found 15 pills believed to be Oxycodones along with a plastic Goody packets containing suspected Methamphetamine in Brocks wallet.  Running Mr. Carltons information found an active warrant for him in Walker County. After removing Mr. Carlton from the car, Four more suspected Oxycodone pills were found in the drivers seat where he was sitting.

Mr. Brocks mother was at the residence and she admitted that she had given Mr. Brock the pills, after trying to tell officers that the two suspects were bringing her the medicine and not leaving.

Both Casey Carlton and Randall Brock were placed under arrest and transported to the Chattooga County Jail.