Woods Sworn In As Associate Probate Judge

Probate Judge-Elect, Gary Woods has recently been sworn in as an Associate Probate Judge ahead of taking office formally in January.

Mr. Woods was sworn in on November 23rd, as an Associate Probate judge, by current Interim Judge Becky Duke. He began work full time on November 24th with Commission Winters signing his order to allow Mr. Woods to be sworn in. Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters also set Mr. Woods salary at $6,429.17 per month while serving as an Associate Judge.

In speaking to Mr. Woods about the early appointment he said, “I am excited to learn all aspects of the office and it’s duties.” Woods worked in the banking industry and then at Mount Vernon Mills where he spent 15 years, prior to winning the general election in November. “It is certainly advantageous to be able to come in and start learning the office.”

Judge Duke will remain as Interim Probate Judge until Woods is officially sworn into that position at the end of this year.