Windshields Busted

Last Monday, December 13th, Summerville Police Officers were dispatched to a report of busted windshields.


Upon arriving at the Sidney Street address, Officers spoke with Mr. Striblin, who directed them to a vehicle that had damage to the front and back windshields. Mr. Striblin advised the officers that he believed that a man he had purchased the car from recently had did the damage.

Striblin told Summerville Officers that he had recently purchased the car from Mr. Cedric Price, and that after the title had been transfererred, Mr. Price had been texting Mr. Striblin asking for the car back as he had someone else interested in the vehicle. Striblin refused to give the vehicle back and reported seeing Price ride by, making obscene gestures the day prior. Mr. Striblin could think of no one else who would damage the vehicle.

The matter was handed over to investigators.