Vehicle Left Unclaimed

Over the weekend Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies happened upon an abandoned vehicle while out on patrol. Deputies were on patrolling Holland-Chattoogaville Rd, and came across a vehicle on the edge of the road.

The vehicle looked like it had been wrecked and there was no one around. Closer inspection of the vehicle showed the rear windows busted, drive shaft and exhaust missing and also the steering column was damaged. The tag on the vehicle did not return as matching the description and VIN number of the vehicle left damaged on the roadway.

Deputies were able to make contact with the owner of the vehicle the tag was returning as belonging to. The owner stated that his vehicle was sitting in the front yard and he had no idea the tag was missing and he would like it back.

The damaged vehicle VIN was returning to a Mr. Everett Glass of Rome, Georgia. Upon speaking with Mr. Glass it turns out that this vehicle had been sold back in the summer time of this year to a female. They did not have further information on the new owner and had cancelled everything on the vehicle when it was sold.

Deputies had Gary’s Towing come pick up the damaged vehicle and placed a proof of ownership hold on the vehicle