Important Information for North Georgia EMC Customers

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North Georgia EMC currently has an ongoing project to upgrade all meters on their system, including NGEMC members in Chattooga County.
North Georgia EMC says, “When it is time to replace your meter, the technician will knock on your door to make you aware that the power will be out for approximately ten minutes and to verify that it is a convenient time for the change. Please remember that these technicians will NEVER ask to enter your home.”  Read more about meter upgrades.

Scammers are contacting NGEMC members demanding payment for a meter change-out. There is no charge for ongoing meter change-outs across NGEMC’s system. If you receive a call from anyone threatening you with disconnection, please hang up immediately and call NGEMC at one of their published phone numbers.

You can reach the North Georgia EMC office in Trion at 706-737-7341.