Driver of Vehicle Gives False Name; Arrested

Last week,  a Chattooga County Sheriffs deputy observed a vehicle in the drive of the county trash dump located on Hwy 48. It was well after the posted hours of operation, so the deputy inquired as to why they were in the lot at that time. The driver, who identified himself as Corey Dewayne Snider and his female passenger, both stated they were dropping off trash.

When running the tag information it showed the license plate as belonging to a different vehicle and also as expired. The VIN number of the vehicle showed it as belonging to a different owner altogether. When asked about this Mr. Snider stated that he had purchased the vehicle and had placed a tag from a previously owned vehicle on the new one. A title was produced which showed the vehicle as sold to a Dustin Snider.

At this time Mr. Snider was asked to step out of the vehicle. Mr. Snider then confessed that his name was not Corey Dewayne Snider but he was indeed Dustin Kyle Snider. This information turned up active warrants for Dustine Snider in both Walker and Catoosa Counties. Mr. Snider was placed under arrest and charged with giving false information to Law Enforcement, Driving while License Suspended and Affixing license plate with intent to conceal.