Disorderly Conduct Citation for Summerville Resident

An argument between a couple lead to the woman getting a disorderly conduct citation and damage to the mans truck.

On December 7th, Summerville Police Officers were dispatched to a residence on 4th St. in Summerville in reference to a female beating a truck with a baseball bat. Upon arriving at the scene, Officers spoke with Daniel Scott, who stated his girlfriend, Brittany Scoggins had beaten his truck with a baseball bat after an argument. Officers did observe several dents on the hood of the truck along with blue and white paint. Mr. Scott advised that he had recently gotten out of jail and had been staying with Ms. Scoggins at her residence. They had an argument prior in the day and Mr. Scott had left. He later realized that his phone was still at the home and returned to get it. He entered the home with a key he had been given by Ms. Scoggins and it was then that she started after him with the bat.

Ms. Scoggins story did not match at first, but after several moments, Ms. Scoggins admitted that Daniel Scott had indeed been staying there and that she did hit his vehicle with the bat. Mr. Scott did wish to pursue charges against Brittany Scoggins, however he did not want her arrested. He worried that Ms. Scoggins would not fix his truck otherwise, as she had not fixed it in the past, over similar circumstances.

The exact dollar amount of the damages are unknown.