Chattooga County Sheriff Officers Catch Burglars

Last Friday, December 4th, Chattooga County Sheriff Officers responded to a burglary in progress at 970 Highway 114 in Summerville.

Upon arriving at the scene, a witness advised the Officer that two men in a white Chevrolet truck were attempting to leave the residence. The back of the truck was alleged to have been piled up with items that were stolen from the residence and outbuildings on the property. Deputies stopped the truck and placed the passenger, Rodney Marvin Hines, and the driver, Larry Cooper into custody. While performing a pat down of Mr. Cooper, Chattooga County Deputies found a small, clear, Ziploc baggie with a crystal-like substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine.

A further search of the vehicle produced a plastic baggie of what appeared to be marijuana, and a second small baggie of methamphetamine. The second bag of methamphetamine was inside a vile with a twist cap on it. This vile was immediately recognizable to 2 of the Deputies as they had been dispatched earlier last week to a domestic dispute in which Mr. Rodney Hines was involved. Mr. Hines was wearing the very distinctive vile at that time around his neck along with a unique necklace that was also located in the truck.

Deputies placed both Larry Cooper and Rodney Hines under arrest and transported them to the county jail.