Alabama Man Arrested in Chattooga County

An Alabama man was arrested last week when Chattooga County Sheriffs Deputies noticed his stopped vehicle on the side of Highway 48.

On Friday December 18th, Chattooga County Deputies were patrolling on Highway 48 and came across a parked Chevrolet Truck with no tags. When Deputies approached the vehicle a white male, rose up in the drivers seat and started yelling in an erratic manner. The male subject also appeared to hid something under his seat.  As Deputies waited on the driver to produce identification, they noticed a very strong odor of Marijuana coming from the truck.

The driver produced an Alabama license and was identified as Wesley Guffey of Gaylesville, Alabama, at which time Guffey was asked to step out of the vehicle. After getting consent to a pat down search, Deputies noticed a clear, plastic container that contained a green, leafy substance that was suspected to be marijuana along with a white bottle that contained 2 separately wrapped, blue pills.

After Mr. Guffey was detained at the scene another package of a white, crystal like substance was found and it did field test positive for Methamphetamine. Another package of suspected Methamphetamine was discovered on the passenger side. At this point Mr. Wesley Guffey was read his Miranda rights and placed under arrest. He was transported to the county jail.

Wesley Guffey has been charged with 4 counts of possession, manufacturing, etc., of certain controlled substances and marijuana, 1 count of Marijuan-less than ounce-(MISD), and 1 count of Drugs Not In Original Container.