Walker County Schools Will Be Closed for 2 Weeks

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Walker County Schools, the system will be closed all next week, Monday through Friday.  The following week is Thanksgiving break, so schools will be out for two weeks straight.
When school resumes on Monday, November 30th, it will be a hybrid schedule… with half the students at school on any given day.  Students will meet at school 2 days per week, and will have remote instruction the other 3 days.  That will continue for the three weeks leading up to Christmas break.
The missed week of school will be made-up at the end of the school year, adding 5 instructional days.
Again, Walker Schools will be closed for two weeks, starting next Monday, November 16th.  Superintendent Damon Raines said the time off should help everyone affected by the virus to get well… and reduce new cases when school resumes on November 30th.