Unofficial Election Results

It was a big night for Republicans in Chattooga County.  Record turnout and enthusiasm about the national and state races made for an exciting Tuesday night.

Many local prognosticators predicted tight local races Tuesday night but it wasn’t to be.  Blake Elsberry and Gary Woods won their races in overwhelming fashion along with all contested Republican candidates on the ballot.  As of 10pm Tuesday night with a few hundred votes left to count, Blake Elsberry captured over 68% of the vote in the County Commissioner’s race.  Elsberry held a 3,357 vote lead over Democratic candidate Jimmy Holbrook who captured 32% of the vote.

In the Probate Judge’s race, Gary Woods captured 60% of the vote and held a 1,953 vote lead over Independent candidate Holly Strawn-Gilliland.

Donald Trump carried 84% of the vote in the Presidential race.  See below for the unofficial vote count breakdown by precinct.  The absentee votes listed represent approximately 80% of the total absentee votes cast.  As of 10pm the remaining numbers from the absentee box as well as the Haywood precinct were unavailable.

Finalized Results will be released by the Probate Office and then SKY 21 will publish them.