Shoplifter at Trion Walmart Nov. 16

Chattooga County Sheriffs Office responded to a shoplifting call at the Trion Walmart on November 16th.

Manager Chris Holcomb, reported that he received a call at his home stating that a white male had walked out of the store with 2 laptops and 2 cell phones. The suspect, used the self checkout registers to scan the 4 items, along with several other items in his cart. After scanning all the items the suspect then grabbed the 2 laptops and 2 cellphones and made a quick exit on the grocery entrance.

The suspect was spotted by another Walmart employee in the parking lot entering a 2017-2018 Gray Dodge 1500 crew cab truck. The truck exited the parking lot and turned south on Hwy 27. Just a bit further down the road, the suspect entered the parking lot of Truck Town where he spoke with owner Billy Dooley about test driving a vehicle later in the week.

The value of the items taken was not listed.