Floyd County Election Results

UPDATE: Floyd County elections officials released vote totals early Wednesday morning — the last of Georgia’s 159 counties except for Fulton and Dekalb to complete their tally.

The results confirmed preliminary indications that Republican candidates would win the majority of the county’s votes. All local incumbents in contested races were returned to office.

The first results released around 9:30 p.m. also happened to be the last results released by the Floyd County elections office until around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Early on in the evening the results were coming in, but after the initial release, the process stalled.

Local elections officials are claiming the hold up is related to the electronic adjudication of ballots with write in votes. With over 83% of ballots remaining uncounted Elections Board Chair Tom Rees said past midnight “we don’t know.”

He speculated that the issue was related to how batches of votes were processed by the computer and said he didn’t know if one write in would hold up the entire batch.

Earlier in the evening Floyd County’s Chief Elections Clerk Robert Brady said the issue was coming in from those ballots.

“All the people writing in Donald Duck are holding this up,” Brady said.

At midnight, Floyd County was one of just 12 counties in the state with only partial results sent to the secretary of state’s office. Just one of Georgia’s 159 counties, Hancock, had no results posted.

Results in local contested races

♦ County Commission Post 3:

Democrat Shonna Bailey — 9,427

Republican Allison Watters (I) — 27,460

♦ County Commission Post 2:

Democrat Charles Smith — 10,394

Republican Wright Bagby Jr. (I) — 26,598

♦ Clerk of Superior Court:

Democrat Moriah Medina — 9,540

Republican Barbara Penson (I) — 27,045

Results in state contested

♦ State House District 12:

Democrat Jonathan Gilreath-Harvey — 3,920

Republican Eddie Lumsden (I) — 17,077

The district covers all of Chattooga County and the western half of Floyd. The Floyd vote totals were 9,097 for Lumsden and 2,165 for Gilreath-Harvey.

♦ State Senate District 52:

Democrat Charles de Young — 16,612

Republican Chuck Hufstetler (I) — 55,046

The district covers all of Floyd and parts of Bartow, Chattooga and Gordon counties.

The Floyd vote totals were 27,723 for Hufstetler and 9,214 for de Young.