Deer Accidents On Increase

The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office has worked a number of car vs. deer accidents over the past couple of weeks.

Motorists are urged to be cautious in November, which is right in the middle of deer-mating season. Nearly 20 percent of these accidents occur during the month. October is the second most dangerous, followed by December as the third.

The population of deer in Georgia was at its highest in 1997 at more than a million. According to Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Department, the population currently sits at just over 900,000.

Your chance of a deer-car accident in Georgia is now 1 in 154. That’s down slightly from 1 in 150 last year, according to a study conducted by State Farm Insurance. Although you are statistically less likely to hit a deer, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to let your guard down. Motorists still need to be on the lookout for deer near our roadways.