Chattooga County Recount is Over With No Change

A dedicated group of Chattooga County election workers gathered at the Chattooga County Registrars Office last Friday to do a hand recount and audit of one of the largest elections in recent memory.

For many years only 6,000-8,000 voters would cast their ballots in a General Election year, but this year was historic.  Over 10,000 voters cast their vote out of just a little over 14,000 registered voters.  The vote wasn’t close in any contested races in Chattooga County.  Over 80% of Chattooga County voters cast their ballots for President Donald Trump.  But things were different for the Peach State as a whole.  In fact, as of Friday evening, most major news outlets have declared that President-Elect Joe Biden will get Georgia’s Electoral Votes.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is insisting that Georgia’s election was free from any major problems, but issued the order for a recount which means that election workers in all 159 counties in the state had to recount the ballots – by hand.  That work is still going on in some places, but Chattooga County’s election officials wrapped up their work on Friday afternoon and said that there were no changes to the vote totals here.

Georgia’s Secretary of State continues to insist that that will be the case for the statewide totals as well.  Election workers across the state have until midnight on November 18th to finish their work – counting over 5 million ballots statewide.