Alabama Woman Dead After Trying to Shoot a Deputy During Traffic Stop

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said a deputy shot a killed an Anniston woman after she pointed a gun at a deputy and pulled the trigger during a traffic stop at approximately 3:32 a.m. Sunday.

Wade said that the deputy conducted a traffic stop on Grayton Road South in Ohatchee. During the traffic stop the deputy discovered a large amount of methamphetamines and a pistol in the vehicle. The deputy arrested a male Timothy Alan Wood of Wilsonville and Brittany Nicole Yoder of Anniston for Trafficking in Methamphetamines and Certain Persons Forbidden to Posses a Pistol.

While the deputy awaited the wrecker service to tow the suspects vehicle, Brittany Yoder began asking for the deputy for help. As the deputy opened the patrol vehicle to check on the arrestees, Yoder immediately exited the patrol vehicle pointing a pistol at the deputy’s head. The deputy was able deflect the weapon and fire his weapon striking Yoder.

The male arrestee Timothy Wood did not attempt to leave the vehicle. The deputy had restrained both subjects with handcuffs behind their back. However, Yoder was able to slip off one of the cuffs allowing her to obtain a pistol from Wood or herself. The entire incident was captured on the deputy’s body worn camera. The camera footage clearly verified Yoder’s actions with the pistol.

Oxford Police Department and the Center for Applied Forensics were asked to conduct an independent investigation that is on going. The deputy is physically unharmed, but he is lucky to be alive as Yoder had pulled the trigger to kill the deputy. However, the pistol did not a round in the chamber, but the weapon’s magazine was loaded with live ammunition.