Recovery Center To Be Built in LaFayette, Will Need 250 Staff Members

Plans have been announced to build a huge recovery center for a wide range of clients on a 350 acre farm near LaFayette, according to the Healthy Foundations Initiative.
The location is on Burnt Mill Road, not far from Gilbert Elementary, according to local stakeholders who attended a recent private meeting outlining project plans.
Construction is set to begin in the next couple of months on the 106-million dollar project, that will be the first of its kind in the country.  There will be 1,200 beds and 250 staff members on the campus.  The five and a half year project will serve several counties.
Healthy Foundations Initiative President Terry Tucker said he worked alongside CEO and Founder DeLaine Hunter to come up with the LaFayette project.  The campus will help youth and adults who require behavioral health support and rehabilitation from substance abuse… and will also serve veterans and their unique needs.
The center hopes to be open by the end of next Summer.

WQCH Radio