Floyd County Roads That Are Still Closed As of Friday, Oct 30

The following list has been updated mostly from reports, not all visuals. Georgia Power has multiple crews working all over the County and could very well have cleared some of these. I split it by quadrant to show the impact County wide.

We have added and subtracted from yesterday’s report, but still have 32 roads closed.

If you are aware of any hazards not listed below, on County Roads, please contact Floyd County E-911 GA.


Clements Road #365 – Power Line on Ground

Mahogany #7 – Power Lines on Fence – Unknown if Road is Passable

East Hermitage about 1 mile from Calhoun Road – Tree with Power Lines

Boulder Road #182 – Tree with Power Line – Service Lines – Road Blocked

New Hermitage – Between Old Calhoun and Cinnamon – Tree with Power Lines

Sunny Heights Road – Tree with Power Lines

Thomas Bluff – Tree Down with Power Lines

South leg of Morrison Campground and Price – Live wires on the ground


Conway Place – ATT and Cable Lines

Little Texas Valley near Iron Bridge and Scenic Road – Trees in utility lines

Sand Springs @ Boggs Farm – Tree with Power Lines

Sand Springs #633 – No Tree Power Lines in Road

Texas Valley #1587 – Tree leaning on power lines off roadway– road passable, but could change

Fouche Gap @ Lavender Trail – tree down with power lines

Big Texas Valley – 3 Trees in Power Lines between Friday Road and Fouche Gap Road – some residents are blocked on both ends. –


Buttermillk Road – #1422 Tree with Power Lines

River Place #21 – Tree partially in cul-de-sac with power lines

Nanellen Road – Tree with Power Lines

Holland Drive #3 – Trees in Power Lines

Radio Springs From #458 to stop sign @ Mt. Alto Closed – Tree in Power Lines

Glenn Road – Tree with Power Lines

Ridgeview @ Ramblewood – Tree with Power Lines

Davis Road – Section between Glenn Road and 411 Closed – Tree with Power Lines

Jackson Chapel Road – Tree with Power Lines

Barker Road #383 – Tree with Power Lines

Morgan Dairy Road – 1166 Tree in Power Lines


Manco @ Booze Mountain – Tree with Power Lines

Preacher Smith – From McBurnett to Stop Sign @ Pleasant Valley Closed – Tree in Power Lines

Park Avenue – #766 – Limb in Power Lines – Road Open – Low Priority

Davis Street #136 – Tree Down in Power Lines – Road Partially Open

Margo Trail @ Kent – Tree with Power Lines

Shadowood Drive – Tree in Power Lines