Beware of Social Security SCAM!

If you receive a phone call from a 240 area phone code, and some very professional sounding person says they are from Social Security contacting you about fraudulent activity on your card in another state, and to please call them immediately….Don’t!  It is a SCAM.

One of the staff at SKY 21  was contacted by this SCAM caller this morning and immediately called the 800 number for the local Social Security office in Rome, GA and spoke with them and they verified the call was a SCAM.  They stated that Social Security will always send a letter if they need to speak with you and you will be given the local phone number of your local office to call.  The Social Security representative asked that we spread the word about this very dangerous SCAM.

Beware of callers, no matter how professional they may sound.  Always hang up without giving any information to them.  And don’t call them back if they leave a message.