Paddle Boat Race Returns to Lake Weis

Paddlers certainly will test their strength, endurance, and mental fortitude in the toughest paddle race in the United States. This epic adventure takes racers along the core section of the Alabama Scenic River Trail, the longest river trail in a single state.

From rushing whitewater to the ambling river delta, the race will challenge even the most experienced paddler. In true Alabama fashion, racers will also encounter southern hospitality from “Trail Angels” – paddlers and river enthusiasts who offer assistance throughout the trail.

This 650 mile paddle race started at the State Docks in Cedar Bluff on Saturday where paddlers will have 7 days to make it to Fort Morgan in the Mobile Bay area. The overall prize money will be split three divisions.

The Alabama legislature passed and Governor Kay Ivey signed a resolution recognizing the winners of the Great Alabama 650, underscoring the significance of each racers’ accomplishment and demonstrating the legislative body’s support for paddle racing in Alabama.

On Saturday Rep. Ginny Shaver of Leesburg, presented this resolution on behalf of the legislature to each of the 2019 winners and to the Alabama Scenic River Trail.