Centre, AL Man Will Finally Get to Meet His Brother

After spending 66 years searching for his family, 81 year old Centre resident John Saffa has found his brother. We sat down with Mr. Saffa on Sunday afternoon and he told us his story of being given away by his mother when he was only 3-days old.

Saffa said that he has been searching for his family all his life – up until a month ago, Saffa didn’t know who his real father was. It wasn’t until his daughter asked him to take a DNA test that he found he had other living family members including 7 nephews a niece and now his brother.

71 year old Tom Moore is a Musician from Arizona and will be flying out Monday morning and traveling to Alabama to meet John.

Saffa said that after 66 years of looking, he is blessed to have finally found his family and looks forward to the reunion.