SKY 21, WKSY Seeks Questions for Upcoming Political Debate

SKY 21, WKSY television is planning to hold a Debate for the Republican Runoff ticket, which will be held on August 11.  Republican Candidates for Probate Judge and Commissioner will be asked questions submitted by you, the citizens of Chattooga  county.  There will be  a moderator for the debates. This will be filmed and aired in late July, TBA.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUBMIT requests for questions to be asked of the candidates, you may send them to:  Questions submitted will remain anonymous.
Please… be respectful with your questions, but please don’t be afraid to be honest or straightforward either.
As a side note, same similar rules will apply.
If all goes well, SKY21 will host another debate for the actual elections coming this November.

If any one wants to submit questions for the political debates for the Aug. 11 Primary ticket race, please send them to Feel free to spread the word. This is your county, here is a chance to get more involved.