Scam Artists Using Name of Real Floyd County Officers

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office reports that they have received notification that scam artists are back in business full time. Most recently, they have begun using a real police officers name in hopes that it will give some legitimacy to their scheme. The Sheriff’s Office reminds everyone to please remember that they will NEVER call you for payment.

They will NEVER call you to tell you that you can either pay or be arrested on a warrant.

Thankfully one of the latest targets had a family member at home with them who intercepted the phone call. These schemes are generally directed towards the elderly but no one is immune from them. If you receive a phone call from someone representing themselves as a law enforcement officer from any agency and you are suspicious of it, please ask them for their agency, their rank, their name, and their supervisor’s name.

If they provide you with all of that information, hang up, and look up the number and call that agency back and ask to speak with that person or their supervisor. Do not call a number they give you themselves. If they do not or will not give you that information chances are it is a scam.