Masks Must Be Worn in Public When in Rome, GA

Rome City Commissioners voted on Monday night that citizens must wear mask in public.

The 7-2 vote comes after heated debated between the citizens and commissioners.

Commissioners Craig McDaniel and Jim Bojo voted “no” with Mayor Bill Collins, Jamie Doss, Sundai Stevenson, Wendy Davis, Randy Quick, Bonny Askew and Mark Cochran voting “yes”.

“We heard last week from all the leaders of the medical community that wearing a mask would make our community safer.  It is obvious that folks are not voluntary wearing mask.  We would like to make sure our economy continues to recover so as a result we need to get the numbers of positive test going back in a different direction, said Wendy Davis.

“I think with the governor’s latest executive order this bill is basically dead on arrival. We can not as a city do anything against the governor’s direct order.  The city, county and sheriff’s office is down nearly 50 officers. Our community has major issues with drugs, unsolved murder, gang issues, sex trafficking and now we are going to focus on patrolling downtown for issues like this. I do not feel that this is the best way to use our resources,” said Commissioner Craig McDaniel.